The ultimate source of the Original Szilagyi jews harps
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Áron Szilágyi's first CD has just been published by G50 Records on 27th January 2005. The debut concert was held in Otthon Caffe, Kecskemét. The CD has eight virtuoso tracks, played only on Szilágyi Jew's harps. On the recording you can hear various types of Jew's harps, like Orion, Black Forest, different Black Fires, Tibet. The Daisy Cutter solo, called Pixel is highly recommended to those fond of extreme sounds of this instrument.

The album:
1. Tunguz meteor (9:06)
Polinesian Totem

2. Balkáni ördög/Balkan Devil (6:45)
Black Fire G’ and Black Fire G,

3. Kenderkóc/Tow (5:28)
Mouthbow by Lindsay Porteous, Chancellor, Orion

4. Pixel (5:49)
Daisy Cutter

5. Jakutsk-Budapest Metroline

6. Millió fényév/ A Million Light Year (3:30)

7. Mikronézia/ Micronasia
first isle: Black Forest
second isle: Black Fire
third isle: Chancellor Nova

8. Dervish (5:27)
Aztec Mini, Bendegúz

The workshop noises can be heard at the end of each track were recorded at the Szilágyi Jew’s harp workshop. You can follow the steps of the how a Jew’s harp is being made. Under the titles you can see the Jew’s harp types that were used in the song.

All songs written by Áron Szilágyi, Produced by Áron Szilágyi and Barnabás Szilágyi.
Recorded and mastered by Szilágyi Barnabás at Namaste Productions, Kecskemét.
Published by the author, marketed by G50 Records.
© 2005 Szilágyi Áron. Made in Hungary

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