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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the estimated average lifetime of a Szilagyi jew's harp?

A: Basically it depends on your playing technique.
- With a normal technique (normal means not rough) your Szilagyi jew's harp can last
just as many as 20 - 25 years. Although having an extremely rough technique can ruin
the harp in some minutes time.
- The lifetime of the jew's harp can be optimized by plucking the spring inwards.
Check out the On-line Jew's harp school for more information.
At an average temperature of 20 Celsius the spring can resonate
approximately 31 Million times at 15 of average bending angle.
- In the last 30 years there were only few complaint about having
one of my costumer's Jew's harp broken less than a half year usage time.

Q: What's the difference between UNTUNED & TUNED Jew's harps?

A: The tuned jew's harps are calibrated to a specific musical note.
For example: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, etc...
The untuned ones are in low, middle-high and high registers but
they aren't tuned to a given note.

Q: What's the difference between PROFESSIONAL & AMATEUR Jew's harps?

A: The professional Jew's harps are playable in wide registers and are also
suitable for dynamic playing techniques. They meet the most demanding
musical expectations (for instance Black Fire, Evangelist, Bull, etc...).
For professional musicians we also recommend those types that are capable
to satisfy a certain musical atmosphere (for instance Baykal, Tibet,
Micro, Daisy Cutter, etc...).

Q: Why is it not recommended to lend your professional Jew's harp?

A: The Jew's harp - being a dinamical instrument - gets used to the
player's playing technique, the weight of the hand and in case you lend
it to someone else then the Jew's harp will get used to him/her. When
you get the instrument back then it's material will not be able to
really conform again to the new playing technique and thus it can break.

Q: How much time does the shipping take outside Europe?

A: by EMS - 3 days
by Air Mail - 5-7 days
by regular ground post - 4-6 weeks

Q: How much time does the shipping take in Europe?

A: by EMS - 3 days
by Air Mail - 3-5 days
by regular ground post - 3-10 days

Q: What about the post-cost?

A: The post-cost depends on the weight of the package and on the distance
where the package has to be sent to. It can be different in every case.


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