The ultimate source of the Original Szilagyi jews harps
Some words about Zoltan Szilagyi jew's harp specialist
On the web site you can find the works of Zoltan Szilagyi Jew's harp specialist. Zoltan Szilagyi has been an explorer, developer and manufacturer of Jew's harps for several decades. His instruments are popular in many countries of the world from Japan to the United States. In his instruments he alloys the old handicraft techniques and novel soundings. The several dozens of Jew's harp types offer such a diversity of tones and forms that all Jew's harp players, from the beginners to professional musicians can find an instrument meeting their expectations. The special Jew's harps with invidual sound character are suitable for virtuosic play as well. Each instrument is processed manually. On the web site you can find the most popular types. But besides these, Zoltan Szilagyi Jew's harp specialist makes various kinds of Jew's harps with extra parameters, fulfilling individual orders.

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Zoltan Szilagyi in his workshop
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In his workshop In his workshop In his workshop In his workshop

Zoltan Szilagyi
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